nasolabial foldNasolabial Fold – How To Get Rid of Them

What is perhaps the most prominent sign of aging are your nasolabial folds. Over the years these expression lines deepen to become permanent fixtures on your face. Not only do they reveal your true age, but they also make you look weathered and tired.

Luckily for us, there are now ways to virtually eliminate them. For a quick and easy fix, plastic surgeons now offer injectable fillers like Juvederm & Restylane procedures. There are also advanced face lift surgery options that are minimally invasive with little downtime, such as the weekend face lift.


Before we discuss the treatment options out there, let’s first discuss the basics the basics about this condition.

What Is A Nasolabial Fold?
This is one of those terms that’s pretty self-explanatory; “naso” of course means the nose and “labial” refers to your mouth and lips. These lines start at the sides of the nose and extend to the sides of your lips. No matter what age you are, these lines will be shown during facial expressions. But starting as early as your twenties, they may start to turn permanent.

What Causes Nasolabial Fold?
If you smile in the mirror and study your face, you will notice the folds appear when your cheeks bunch up during smiling. However this should not alarm you – these lines are completely normal. If you need further proof of this, just look at a smiling child. In fact, if you smiled and didn’t have them, it would look abnormal and unnatural.

Do these facial expressions eventually cause them to turn permanent? Like most signs of aging, no one knows for sure. But it’s probably safe to say that anywhere on your face where natural movement causes the skin and tissue to crease up over and over, it will probably turn into a wrinkle.

nasolabial-foldsCan I Prevent Nasolabial Folds?
I know what you’re thinking- “I’m going to stop smiling so I don’t get them.” Well, this is not the solution. First of all, the less you smile, the “colder” of a person you will appear. In fact, if anything, smiling is a behavior associated more with younger people. Do you want to be known as that old grumpy woman or man that doesn’t show expression? I didn’t think so!

So please, enjoy your life and smile! There’s much more beneficial ways to diminish their appearance. One of the ways to help prevent these wrinkles is using the best anti aging creams on the market. There are many that incorporate breakthrough ingredients that help to hydrate and moisturize your skin, hence helping to prevent wrinkles.

How To Get Rid of Nasolabial Folds?
As pointed out you don’t want to get rid of them totally – if you don’t have them during normal facial expressions it will look unnatural. But you do want to remove reduce them enough so at least they aren’t plastered on your face permanently. Before you dash out the door to get facelift surgery, you should educate yourself on your options. Fortunately, there are many too choose from.

Injections For Wrinkles (a Medical Procedure Performed By a Doctor)
These are offered by most plastic surgeons and many dermatologists also. This is probably the easiest, most effective, and most natural way to get rid of deep wrinkles. The great part is the downtime is very minimal – usually just a little swelling. The bad part is that they are not permanent. Officially they can last up to 9 to 12 months, but I have had Juvederm and there is still some there nearly a year and a half later, although this is not a typical result.

The most popular injections used today are Restylane and Juvederm. These are both made using synthetic hyaluronic acid – which is a substance similar to collagen that is naturally found in your skin. Although there are a few other less-popular injections offered by some doctors, I would advise against them because they use substances like calcium-based microspheres, which feel harder and are not naturally occurring in the body.

Plastic Surgery
There are many different surgical procedures which can help get rid of not only your nasolabial fold problem, but also other deep wrinkles. It use to be that cosmetic facelift surgery was a very costly and evasive procedure to go through. While this may be true for the full operation, there are many other newer versions available today which are involve minimal downtime and are much more affordable.

Just the last few years, surgeons have developed a procedure known as a thread facelift. It involves using contour threads to pull up sagging skin.

There is also a relatively new technique called the weekend facelift which just like the name implies, involves a very short recovery period. With this technique, the doctor makes tiny incisions using endoscopic technology. From there, fat tissue can be removed, skin and tissue can be lifted, and the tiny incisions are closed using sutures. Because of the minimal downtime, natural results, and discreet scarring, it’s no wonder why so many celebrities are turning to endoscopic face lift surgery for their facial rejuvenation.


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